Xtreme Funraising

Welcome to Xtreme Funraising!

What is Xtreme Funraising?

It’s five grown men going to extreme lengths to have fun while raising money. Others (wives and partners) think they are a little crazy in attempting something that is quite obviously just plain dangerous!

They are planning to cross Cambodia in 10 days, using off-road motorbikes, with very little experience of either the sport or the terrain, in the hope of raising  £10,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. On November 25th they will set out from Phnom Penh to attempt a thousand kilometre off-road route across the Cambodian interior, traversing the three mountain ranges of Kiriram, Cardamom and Bokur where altitudes reach two thousand metres, as well as through dense jungles, rain forests and remote valley villages.

The team is:

Sam GlovSam G 1er Entrepreneur / Investor – London

Reason for doing trip: “Because I love a challenge and I have a feeling this one is going to challenge us in ways, we’d never imagined. I only hope we’re all still friends at the end of it!”



Tim ZanteTim Bourne Owner of marketing agencies – London

Reason for doing trip: “When two friends offer you the hair raising trip of a lifetime over a beer and your wife approves, you’d never forgive yourself if you didn’t do it.”


Oli portrait

Oliver Wheeler Head of Comms at a live event ticket company – London

Reason for doing trip: “I’m hoping to put some “fun” into fundraising – and because somehow I managed to get away with it!”



Hugh Gibson Director of an Art Gallery – London

Reason for doing trip: “A chance to raise some funds for an incredibly worthwhile cause and to allay the inevitable mid-life crisis.”




andy on bike old styleAndy Henbest Set Designer / Stills Photography –  Los Angeles

Reason for doing trip: “Sitting on a beach or by a pool is not a vacation , but this certainly will be . It’ s always been my idea of an ideal getaway and now its coming true with a great mate and his buddies.”


Great Ormond Street Hospital

We decided early on that if we are going to do this adventure of a lifetime, we should try and make it worthy. So we have decided to raise money for Great Ormond Street Charity. GOSH is a world renowned hospital but also a global research centre that helps children with some of the most challenging, and in some cases incurable conditions. 100% of the money we raise will go to this hugely worthy charity.

Please click here and take a look at our fundraising page.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare.

Together with their research partner, the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH), they form the UK’s only academic biomedical research centre specialising in paediatrics.

Since its formation in 1852, the hospital has been dedicated to children’s healthcare and to finding new and better ways to treat childhood illnesses.

Donations and fundraising allow the hospital to buy equipment, fund research and provide better facilities that would otherwise be unaffordable under the NHS.

To find out more about the charity and how the money we raise will be used go to:


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