Xtreme Funraising

Seven weeks to go – plans underway!

It’s seven weeks until we leave and here are a few things on my mind this week:


I grew up in Asia, and I love Hong Kong , Japan and Thailand, but I have never been to Cambodia. This makes our trip even more exciting for me. My only concern is how much “unexploded ordinance” might be lying around in the jungle. However, I now have my visa, and that’s a start.

visa 2 visa


When we decided on Cambodia, we had no idea how many jabs we would need. It just didn’t come up in the pub. It turns out we need eleven separate injections. We have had eight so far and we are back in next week for three more and to collect our malaria tablets. This is Tim about to enjoy the one known as the “Camel’s Kick”.

Tim jab


We will be riding off road for up to eight hours a day, in hundred degree heat, requiring a level of strength and stamina that I do not have. So I am doing something else I have never done before, which is fitness training. I now have a personal trainer three times a week before work, courtesy of a very generous gift from Speedflex. I am frankly astonished at myself.



I have always ridden small bikes on the road, but it became clear early on that I would need a full licence for this trip. Three months later, after a theory test, two training weekends and three road riding exams I have finally got my certificate. I also no longer need “L” plates on my daily commute, a Mutt 125. Which is lucky, as I didn’t have them. Tim had a go on it yesterday.

Mutt 2Mutt 1


As wannabe adventurers we all love Belstaff for their leather and waterproof jackets and rugged clothing. We were also inspired by their film “Into The Unknown” featuring David Beckham. We are therefore unbelievably thrilled that they are supporting our adventure with some tour jackets, as well as hosting a welcome home party for us at their Bond St HQ. Quite simply, they make amazing stuff, for people like us.










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