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Tim’s final training day

Five days training now under my belt and today was probably the last one I’ll be able to get in before we go, so I’m really hoping some of the instruction sticks when we get to Cambodia! Click here for movie: Bike Through River movie
Riding off road is about as different from on road, as skiing is to snowboarding – wish I’d known that when I signed up! You spend most of the time standing up on the bike and steering by varying the weight distribution going through to the foot pegs, much like skiing.
Today I went trail riding with Peter and his gang at Off The Kerb (www.offthekerbtrailriding.com). Can’t imagine a wetter day for it, which I guess is going to be good training for Cambodia. We rode in the hills around Dorking and took in some pretty intimidating sections including this river crossing

Tim bike water

And probably the scariest climb I’ve done yet – about five hundred yards of soaking wet clay which is like riding on ice. You can’t afford to stop or you will find yourself sliding downhill, rev the engine too hard and both your front and back wheels are likely to skid out from under you. Naturally Peter and his team made it look easy, which only reinforced how far off match fit and skill ready I still am!
Anyway it was a brilliant and exhilarating day, and only 45 minutes out of London.
Big thanks to Phil Hollingdale and David Blackburn who rode with me and Peter for his expert training.IMG_5584


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