Xtreme Funraising

Training Day 3

muddy steep rut

muddy steep rut


We have now completed our 3rd training day and all I can say is YIKES! we learnt new skills including “Dead Engine” steep hill descents (yours truly can be seen above attempting that for the first time)

and ascending and descending steep muddy hills and banks, along with river crossings and all in the pouring rain all under the expert tutelage of “Zippy” .

We drove through the forest over large fallen trees slipping and sliding all the way.


catch up

At least my Boots no longer look brand new and the power ranger sheen has been taken off them

Dirty Boots

We are all now upping our exercise levels considerably as we come to realize just how tiring off road biking is. The 20km I did on a bike at the gym under the supervision of uber trainer Sara Nicole seemed very easy in comparison to battling with a 250 cc KTM!



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